We all know what can happen when there is a few drinks around and a couple of horny ladies don't we??? You mean you aren't sure? Let me tell you then…..

Awhile ago now I met Bibi who was rather new to this world…we had gone for drinks in a local pub…there was a definate element of flirtation in the air and I couldn't help find myself drawn to her cleavage!

After a while I suggested we go powder our noses…us girls do seem to go to the loo in pairs don't we?;)

I beckoned her into a cubicle with me so we could talk……I really wanted to take a closer look at that cleavage of hers….so on the pretext of showing her my new bra..I pulled my top down…she blushed but I could tell she kind of liked it and when I fix those bedroom eyes of mine on someone they are hooked!

I moved over to her and whispered huskily…'lets have a look at your bra then…'…I lifted her top up and slowly pulled her bra down…..mmmmm I do love a big pair of boobs with a delicious nipple to tease..almost as much as I like a nice hard cock to tease…;)

I flicked my tongue over her nipples and slowly made my way to her slightly panting mouth where I kissed her softly and enquiringly…..her face was a picture..not sure she had been seduced by a lady before!

However maybe she was not as naive as I thought..when she hungrily kissed me back,fondling my breasts…and woah whats this??? Bibi, lustfully and meaningfully pushed me back against the toilet wall! She pulled my leggings and panties down in one fluid movement and droped to her knees…..I groaned with anticiaption of what was going to happen next!

I spread my legs and looked down at Bibi..she looked up at me questioningly…I nodded firmly and she began licking and lapping at my swollen clit…mmmmmmm I culd feel myself getting wetter and opening for her tongue…while her tongue worked some magic on my clit she entered me with two fingers, stroking my g-spot…I shuddered with pleasure and grasped her head to my pussy….a wicked smile spread across my face..and i began to dial a number of a client who i just knew was on his lonesome and would love to be able to hear what was going on….he answered and I told him to listen carefully….he could hear my moans of ecstasy as I approached orgasm and as i came I put the phone down to where Bibi was so he could hear the licking and the wetness as I squirted!

I'll be writing about more of my adventures….so stay tuned……and stay horny…;)

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